Kabir Motor is the official agency of Vespa in Iran

Kabir Motor is a business associate and official agent of Vespa brand in Iran. Kabir Motor has been cooperating with Italian Bees for many years. Vespa has amorously approached motorcycle fans and always has surprised every one br making the best products

Vespa from fast till now, a new definition of creativity in the motorcycle industry

Vespa is the first company of producing and designing which make revolution in the producing cycle of giant motorcycles with their creative designs. Now Vespa products are known as the most popular motorcycles among young people and women, a happening that the motorcycle industry had never seen before. The reason of this revolution can be considered of creativity, amazing product design along with Vespa performance to provide the best quality.

Vespa VXL 150CC
Vespa VXL 150CC is one of the best and most attractive Vespa motorcycles that designed for using in the city. For complete information about Vespa VXL 150CC, you can see the page of this product. Vespa SXL 150CC is an attractive product of Vespa company for those who are interested in internal city motorcycles
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Vespa SXL 150CC
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