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Access to the best is not easy. With more than 20 years of experience and in collaboration with major brands in the motorcycle industry such as Vespa and Aprilia, Kabir motor has provided a selection of creativity and pride for motorcycle enthusiasts

Vespa; A new meaning of creativity

The Italian bee of the motorcycle world, Vespa, has been defining creativity each day more than the previous day. Vespa has always been the best in the motorcycle industry from the past to the present. Kabir Motor, as the official representative of Vespa and the business partner of this well-known Italian brand, has made it possible to buy Vespa products

Vespa motorcycles
Kabir motor has been operating as an official agent and business associate of vespa in iran for many years. Now, two models of Vespa: "Vespa VXL 150cc" and "Vespa SXL 150cc" are selling in the central store and the official agents of Kabir motor. For more information about Vespa see the Vespa agancy page. Kabir Motor Industrial Group is the official representative of Vespa in Iran. Vespa VXL and Vespa SXL are the two main models of Vespa motorcycles that you can buy through Kabir Motor.
Vespa up close

Aprilia; recommended for speed lovers
The Italians are at the forefront of the motorcycle industry. Aprilia is another brand from the European land of boots that has created a new concept in the design and speed of the motorcycle industry. Aprilia brand is famous for making competitive and fast products. Aprilia is another of kabirmotors’ business partner and motorcyclists can get these Italian goodies from kabirmotor. Aprilia, the charm of urban sightseeing aprilia SR series the italian company Aprilia is famous for producing high speed and racing motorcycle. in addition to paying attention to speed fans, Aprilia also plans to produce internal city motorcycles. Aprilia SR 160 is the one these motorcycles that is the most attractive choice for sports motorcycles lovers. Kabir motor is the official agancy of Aprilia brand in iran. For more detail of SR160 see the Aprilia page.
Aprilia up close

Kabir CDI; World standards in the borders of Iran
Kabir Motor started its motorcycle production factory in Iran from the early years of its activity and with the cooperation of its foreign partners. At the present, the Kabir CDI products, in line with foreign production, with the best and highest standards in the world, have been provided to our dear compatriots. We are proud to represent Iran in the regional and world motorcycle industry.

How to buy Kabir motorcycles in cash and installments

To buy Kabir motorcycles, it is enough to select and buy your desired product by referring to the official agencies of Kabir Motor in Tehran and other cities. By attending official dealerships, our partners will provide you with all the necessary information and guide you in choosing and buying a motorcycle. Due to the wide acceptance of those interested in buying motorcycles, Kabir Motor has made it possible to buy motorcycles in installments. In installment terms of buying a motorcycle, initially 50% of the total amount of the motorcycle will be received in cash and the rest of the amount will be received in 6 checks. By attending the central store and Kabir Motor dealerships, you can prepare your desired product in installments

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