Kabir motor after sales service; We are with you until the end

Stable connection with customer, is one of the essential values of Kabir Motor. Finding spare parts, troubleshooting and checking motorcycles has alwars been the concern of our customers, and Kabir motor by launching a special repair shop has been relieving the imagination of motorcycle fans for many years. We are always at your service in Kabir Motor repair shop to you experience unique support. We are proud to be with you

Tehran, Motahhari St., after Mofteh, No. 149 Kabir Motor Building

Time is value; we don’t allow waiting occurs

We have created an online appointment to the aim of making easier communication and saving your time. Enter your information in the sub-form then our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

Instant delivery
periodic service
Valid warranty
Supply of parts
Dedicated repair shop
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