Obtaining an agency of Kabir Motor; we are waiting for you

One of the main goals of Kabir Motor is expanding its active agencies and create jobs for prideful Iran. By the past years, we have provided the opportunity for more interested people to use the best motorcycle brands by providing more agencies in different cities. The growth of the Kabir Motor family has provided employment and monetization opportunities for all interested person throughout Iran


Conditions for giving Kabir Motor agency

  1. Citizenship of the Islamic Republic Of Iran.
  2. Certificate of don’t have criminal record.
  3. Certificate of don’t have addiction.
  4. Be at least 25 years old.
  5. Having a Sayyadi checkbook and a valid account number.
  6. Certificate of don’t have returned checks.
  7. Two valid identifier person.

Required documents of obtaining Kabir Motor agency

  1. Sending a written letter for giving agency.
  2. Copy of identify card, national card and end of military service card.
  3. Print of six month bank account that has been introduced to obtain a guarantee check.
  4. Copy of one Syyadi check item to inquire about the account.
  5. The agreement of agency and receiving checks and all documents is done at the central building by the presence of the esteemed agent in the office of CEO.

You are only a few moments far away of getting an agency

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List of Kabir Motor agencies; as larg as precious Iran

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