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Kabir Motor is the result of a big dream. Our dream is the the presence of precious Iranian brand in the world of motorcycle industry


We always have been the best from the pastto now

Kabir Motor is the result of a big dream. The decedent Abdollahizade since 70s had dreamed of stablishing an Iranian brand with international standards. Kabir Motor firstly started its work at the field of bicycles and spare parts.

But step by step during the our believed in about our way we took small but firm steps. In 1999, we took a bigger step after the years of experience and proficiency, we entered the motorcycle grand market. In less than 20 years, we have become one of the most valid brands in Iran and the Middle East.

A brand which was more than a company for motorcyclists and with its products raised the Iranian motorcycle industry standards by several steps.

Now, due to the trust of our customers and commitment of our employees, we produce more than 50,000 motorcycles yearly and we are among of the valuable manufacturing companies in Iran.

Kabir Motor products in regional and global markets have amazed everyone and we have been able to be a leader brand of the Iranian motorcycle industry in the world. Brilliant past and bright future have made the well known brands of the motorcycle industry have a long term cooperation with Kabir Motor.

Vespa company, Aprilia, Piaggio and Mahindra of India are our associates in the Iranian motorcycle industry, and thanks to this cooperation, we have created stable values for ourselves and the Iranian motorcycle industry.

We are idealistic and always want to be the best. Kabir Motor’s perspective is to produce a variety of motorcycles with the standards of modern world. We try to gain a good established position in regional market. We believe that rely on customers trust and accompaniment to the proposed brands of the world, we can vicissitudinous the motorcycle industry more brilliantly than ever.

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